If your friends forget, Zapp 'em!

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The Secret Sauce

Explore our secret recipe for reminding people

Cross Platform

RemindZapp them from anywhere. Don't get confused due to iPhone screenshots. RemindZapp is on Android, Windows Phone & on Web too!

In-App Notifications

Realtime In-App Reminder Notification that buzzes your smartphone asking you permission for the reminder.

RemindZapp Methods

You can use all sorts of available methods to RemindZapp, From setting calendars, alarms, notifications, recorded messages, emails & even sms.

Social Media Integration

Now, you can even send reminders to groups on Facebook & WhatsApp. We were excited to make this work!

All Eyes on Feedback

We closely monitor the feedback given. So be prepared if we reach out to you individually for better suggestions.

RemindZapp Details

You can also track whether the user accepted your reminder, and if not, you can always escalate through other means available in app.

Zapping Dashboard

This is where the magic happens! You can view requested reminders from friends, see reminders that you accepted and even see check the status of reminders you sent. It all happens here.

  • Real time updates
  • Sorted Latest Reminders
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The idea

Wondering what's our inspiration behind RemindZapp? It's not just about Zapping others, its about giving value to our friends. Life is busy, and we miss and forget so much everyday. The veggies we forget for Mom, or the appointments we miss with doctors.

What if your dear ones were able to find you and remind you whenever they want? Imagine when you leave office at 7… your phone buzzes to remind you to bring veggies and you get calls for academic meetings? Let RemindZapp make things easy - Let RemindZapp make your life awesome!

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